100% remote companies vs. remote friendly companies

100% remote companies vs. remote friendly companies

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If you’re looking for your first remote job it’s easy to overlook the difference between remote companies. There are 100% remote companies, remote friendly companies, and companies that have remote workers. After all, they all offer remote jobs. But not all remote companies are the same. The type of company you choose will affect your remote work experience. So, it’s important that you choose wisely as you explore your options for remote work.

100% Remote Companies

If you’re serious about building a career as a remote worker, you want to work for 100% fully remote companies. These companies operate on fully distributed team model. That means their whole office, from founder to admins, work remotely.

Working for a 100% remote company means that you know that management understands how to manage a remote workforce. Companies that are 100% remote  build in engagement strategies for their remote workforce. They understand remote worker needs. You won’t find outdated systems and tech-phobic companies operating fully remote. 100% remote are writing the playbook for the remote workforce. They’re redesigning organizational structures and workforce management. And that’s an attractive quality for many aspiring remote workers. Some 100% remote companies, like Automattic, host yearly gatherings for their remote workforce. (and they look like way more fun that your company’s annual Christmas party).

Working for a 100% remote company ensures that you’ll be on equal footing when it comes to promotions. One disadvantage of remote work is that it’s harder to move up in a company. Companies with partial distributed teams mean remote workers may be less likely to be promoted to a leadership role. However, in a 100% remote company, everyone is on equal footing because everyone is remote. 

Company culture matters in remote jobs

It’s important as a future remote worker to ensure that your interests align with product or services the company provides. Company and culture have a huge influence on your happiness as a remote worker. Choose a company that matches your values and interests, regardless of if they are 100% remote or remote-friendly. Above all, start your search with an exploratory mindset to discover which remote company works best for you.

When it comes to finding 100% remote companies there are plenty of lists. Many companies that are fully remote are SAAS companies. SAAS companies are the backbone of digital initiatives in modern companies.  Lists of 100% remote companies are filled with companies that provide cloud computing solutions, big data solutions, IT support, etc. It’s likely you’ve never heard of these companies. Many companies offer enterprise solutions which aren’t household brands. Get curious about these products  and company cultures. 

100% remote companies with strong company cultures

Below is a list of 100% remote companies with interesting missions, products, and cultures. Explore them to find your next remote job. Get inspired by all the interesting work that gets done remotely.

QLC.io – With a mission to build an online school to try careers all over the world, it makes sense that QLC would have a fully distributed workforce. While the team originally started with a HQ, they changed to a 100% remote company. As their website puts it, they “realised we actually liked working from home. Or at cafes. Or in Bali.” They also meetup twice in person each year, somewhere in the world.

Jackson Rivier – This digital strategy firm describes itself as a virtual workplace, with a staff of 30 located across the US. Jackson Rivier provides digital strategy consulting and website development for nonprofits.

Remote Year – These guys make the digital nomad lifestyle seamless. True to their digital nomad roots, Remote Year is a 100% remote company. If you love travel and helping more people live a digital nomad lifestyle, this is your company.  

Olark – Olark makes live chat features that help businesses work better. Their team is 100% remote, spread over three continents. Beyond the perk of being 100% remote, they’ll also provide a stipend for your coworking space and an internet stipend for those of you who would rather work from home, pants-free!

Spreaker – If you love podcasts, this is your company. Spreaker supports podcasters. Besides being a remote team they offer a “super flexible vacation plan, with limitless days.” This company’s remote jobs seem perfect for a podcasting digital nomad.

Precision Nutrition –  This is the company for anyone who’s passionate about health and fitness. As you scroll their page you’ll learn that they offer “ 4 weeks paid time-off, benefits, and the ability to work remotely.” Also they offer a flexible schedule!

Scott’s Cheap Flights – This 100% remote travel company knows how to keep its remote workers happy. All remote employees get a gym stipend, unlimited PTO, 3 month paid familly leave, continuing education, the list goes on.

Remote Friendly Companies

100% remote companies

Remote friendly companies also offer perks for their workers. If a company positions itself as remote friendly, they likely have strong cultures that support remote workers. Look for language that promotes a remote work option or flexible schedules on their about page. These are strong indicators that the company has the support remote work environment. As you explore remote job boards, look for companies that are explicit about having a flexible work or remote work environments. Many companies are proud of their remote workforce, even if they aren’t a fully 100% remote company.

Here are a few remote friendly companies to explore:

Stack Overflow – As the go to place for developers to learn and share, Stack Overflow is a well known brand in the tech space.  They describe their culture as a “remote-first culture,” so you know you’ll be working within an organization that understands how a remote workforce operates.

Mozilla – You can thank Mozilla for your Firefox browser. This remote-friendly company has employees and volunteers all over the world. If you’re passionate about making the web a better place, and you want a big dose of global community in your workday, Mozilla is an ideal place to find a remote job.

Rainforest – Rainforest delivers a cloud-based QA solution. It consistently ranks as one of the best places to work, and they offer remote jobs. One glowing employee testimonial reads “Having the ability to work remote 100% of the time has been a lifesaver this past year as I got married and moved to a different part of the country.”

Khan Academy – Khan Academy is on a mission to “provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” Even as a nonprofit they bring plenty of perks to their workforce, including flexible scheduling and remote work.

Use caution with companies that don’t promote a remote work culture

Companies that aren’t 100% remote companies but have remote jobs are technically remote friendly. However,  if a company doesn’t explicitly promote their remote workforce in their company culture or talk about flexible schedules, these companies many not have a supportive management style for remote work.  If you are the only remote worker to join a team, you might feel left out and unsupported. In addition, you may have fewer opportunities for leadership and upward movement in companies that aren’t explicitly remote-friendly. As you explore jobs at companies that have remote workers, pay attention to their leadership. During interviews, look out for managers who don’t know how to manage remote teams or remote workers.

Whether you choose to work for 100% remote companies or remote-friendly companies, you’ll get a good experience as a remote worker. If it’s your first time working remotely, choose 100% remote companies or a remote friendly company that shows off its remote workers. Your first remote job is a learning experience to understand the ins and outs of remote work. Once you get more experience, you’ll have the tools and experience to work at any organization that offers remote work opportunities.

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