Hey, I’m Nicolle. I teach people how to lead adventurous careers. 

Teaching the audience how to hustle.

Here’s the truth. Remote workers have more fun.

I can’t keep it a secret. Remote work is pretty damn good. True, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in remote work land. But it’s still pretty fabulous. 

If you’re curious about how to get a remote job in 2019, you’ve found the right place. I’m teaching curious people how to transition from the 9-5 into a full time remote job with benefits. 

My nontraditional career is full of adventures. I like to tell people I’m a professional job hopper. My career has spanned industries, functions, and geographies. I’ve sold adventure travel in New Zealand, wrote for a private jet travel company in Seattle, and managed volunteers for a nonprofit in Thailand.

Despite my professional job hopping ways, I convinced Yale School of Management to hire me in 2014. That’s where I built some serious coaching chops. For two years I helped hundreds of MBA students, alumni, and global executives navigate ambitious career transitions.

It’s also where I learned that traditional career advice needs an upgrade. In a world of remote work, digital nomads, and emerging technology like artificial intelligence, we need career advice that matches our new world of work.

So I job hopped out of Yale SOM to upgrade career advice for the new world of work. I launched an online school for international professionals. I’m writing a second book and teaching people how to hustle their way into new careers.

I help people experiment with their careers.

And I want you to drop the traditional 9-5 and experiment with a remote work lifestyle.

But I’m not just a career coach with newfangled ideas. I know my way around the remote job search because I’ve worked in three remote roles:

✅ Business development and digital marketing for a London-based startup

✅ Career coach for a mid-sized American relocation company

✅ Chatbot designer for a San Francisco based AI startup

I created the remote job course How to Get a Remote Job in 2019 to help you transition into a full time remote job.

I created this course for: 

  • People who are stuck in their career and want a remote job so they can find time to explore their next step
  • Digital nomads who want to fund their travels without relying on the influencer hustle 
  • Curious people who want to work for innovative organizations and build new skills for the future of work
  • Working moms and dads who want to work from home with more flexible schedules. 
  • Anyone who wants more free time in their day
  • Anyone who wants a more flexible schedule  

Are you that person? Then you belong in our community. 

Learn more about the course and how to get the Remote Job Workbook with 50 companies hiring remote workers.