How to find non-tech remote jobs for 2019

How to find non-tech remote jobs for 2019

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As the demand for remote work increases, more companies are posting remote jobs for non tech workers. That means you don’t have to be a programmer or software engineer to find a remote job. You will still need digital and communication skills, like the ability to use Slack and collaborative software. But those are easy to pick up.

The best way to find non tech remote jobs is to search for companies that are 100% remote and have fully distributed teams. 100% remote companies need people like virtual assistants, remote designers, remote recruiters, and everyone else who makes an organization run.

Another option to get a non tech remote job is to ask your current employer if they’d consider allowing you to do your job remotely. 55% of If you have a good working relationship with your manager, it never hurts to ask.

Also, niche job boards in industries outside of tech now include a remote filter. For example, includes a remote filter for remote jobs in higher education.

Lastly, remote job boards list remote jobs that aren’t only tech focused. Many remote job boards offer a filter for sales, design, marketing, tutoring, and more. Some boards, like include an “other” category for non tech remote jobs. Start your search for non tech remote jobs with these categories. Get creative about how your skills can apply.

Below are the most common non tech remote jobs for 2019:

Remote virtual assistant jobs

Behind every successful CEO, entrepreneur, and team is an assistant who pulls it all together. Now, many organizations hire virtual assistants to help them with scheduling, events, customers, and other needs.

Remote customer service jobs

Customer success is top of mind in many customer facing companies. As more and more companies become customer obsessed, remote customer and client success jobs are on the rise. 

Customer service remote jobs
Customer service remote jobs

Remote design jobs 

Design is a large field covering everything from art design, graphic design, to UX and UI. Many design jobs are squarely in the tech camp but sometime there will be non tech remote design jobs in the midset of all the UX and UI jobs.

Remote tutoring and teaching jobs

Full time teaching jobs online

VipKid and QKids lead the market in companies for remote tutoring jobs. For full time remote teaching jobs with benefits, check out higher education and online education companies. Also try EdSurge for edtech jobs and

Remote recruiters 

Recruiting is relationship building and research. Experienced recruiters can do their job from anywhere so it’s no surprise to see remote recruiter jobs popping up on major job boards like

Remote Sales jobs

From admissions counselors to director of sales to business development managers, remote sales jobs are a common, in-demand non tech remote job.

Remote marketing jobs 

All the remote marketing jobs

Like design, remote marketing jobs are plentiful. There are remote job opportunities for graphic designers, content marketers, marketing managers, social media marketing, and copywriters. Start exploring to see where you fit into the remote marketing jobs space.

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